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Talia Here

In pursuit of my other business ventures and to help simplify my life, I have made the incredibly difficult decision to leave IT Designs 😭
This venture started two years ago and we could only dream then what it would be now, you all have kept us creative and busy and I’m so thankful for that experience 😭
I am thankful to the girls for helping me through this hard choice it’s been to make. They have both been nothing but supportive of what I need to do for me and my family ❤️
When I say these girls have had my back through some tough choices, hard days, I mean it. So incredibly thankful to have them in my life. Our friendship precedes any business decisions and you will certainly see us all together on socials often <3
So what happens from here?
Ivory and Christina will continue to be the faces and team behind IT Designs (rebrand to come soon 😍) and Talia will take a few select bookings for press ons through her nail shop, Flora Nail Shop 

 Make sure to follow both @TaliasNailStudio and @FloraNailShop on Instagram for booking dates to be announced soon if you want to book with Talia
We thank you all for the incredible support, love and patience as we navigate this new journey for us all ❤️